The unicorns are doing better than you

“Designers should be able to code.”

“The much sought-after unicorn designer”

“Companies want designers who can code.”

You hear this all the time. And it's true—UX designers with code skills are in demand. And a whole new generation of UX designers is coming along who already have coding skills.

Sure, your experience is worth a lot, but what if you could augment it with some coding skills? Wouldn't that be great?

Imagine if there was a way to learn how to code in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript:

  • In your own time
  • At your own pace
  • Wherever you want
  • That assumes zero knowledge
  • That teaches you only what you need

Why are these skills so valuable? Because you can use them to create compelling, interactive prototypes. Prototypes that:

  • Work and feel just like the real thing
  • Serve as living documentation
  • Foster greater collaboration with developers
  • Are great for getting stakeholder/client buy-in
  • Let you test your designs with users earlier and better

“Before your lessons I would have sketched it in Balsamiq and then linked the mockups. This is much better, and it's changing the way I work.

To make it short: your video lessons are awesome, thank you.”

Luca L., Milan

There is a way

I created Livetyping to help you get these skills.

Livetyping is a series of six video lessons that will teach you just what you need to be able to prototype your designs in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You won’t waste time learning stuff that only web developers need to know.

Get it now

“The course is perfect for a beginner like me! I was struggling with free online resources. With your video lessons, it is manageable.”

Romain L., Paris

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